Cerdani Aircraft Works

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Cerdani Aircraft Works
Native name
Deutsche Flugzeugwerke
FormerlyCerdani National Aircraft Company (1923-1955)
FoundedEast Cerdani (1922)
HeadquartersMorzahnstadt, East Cerdani
Area served
ProductsCivilian Aircraft
ATC systems
Military aircraft
Radar Systems
Meteorological systems
Number of employees
Increase 256,968 (2019)

Cerdani Aircraft Works (Deutsche Flugzeugwerke) is an East Cerdan aircraft manufacturer formed in 1922 after the nationalisation of the Cerdani Aircraft Company and the smaller Wolkenflugzeug Company to cater to the needs of the East Cerdan National People's Army and later to Interflug. The Cerdani Aircraft works is also an international exporter for civilian and military aircraft.



Cerdani Aicraft Works manufactures all it's civilian aircraft at the Cliff Beach Plant in Cliff Beach which is also used for flight testing and certification, prior to acceptance of the aircraft by the customer.

Military aircraft are manufactured in the Peralbier Production Facility located near the city of Peralbier, with a separate production lines for international orders and exports.


Cerdani Aircraft Works primarily manufactures civilian aircraft for both the domestic and international market. It also continues to manufacture various military aircraft primarily for domestic use with select models available for friendly international countries. Cerdani Aircraft Works is also involved in the manufacturing and testing of satellite buses for the Cerdani Space Exploration Institute.


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