Cantons of Varletia

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Varletia is subdivided into 11 cantons, named after the cities which hold their administrative center, which are called ochveill. They are the top tier of local government in Varletia, followed by the municipalities serving as the second tier of administrative subdivisions.

Map of Varletia's cantons
Varletian Cantons
Flag Logo Name Capital
Fochesboch Canton Fochesboch
Grateubei Canton Grateubei
Greiveularche Canton Greiveularche
Leumach Canton Leumach
Mulitrocheu Canton Mulitrocheu
Peuteiplann Canton Peuteiplann
Plannteuveil Canton Plannteuveil
Pleifloch Canton Pleifloch
Riveschann Canton Riveschann
Tre-River Canton Tre-River
Vercheumi Canton Vercheumi