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Ayalism, also known as Ayalagchism or less commonly Alvanism, is a monotheistic a religion concentrated mainly in and around the former lands of the Alvan Empire. It is the State Religion of Alva and Lower Suvania, with a sizeable minority in Vistaraland and the Western Provinces. Ayalists worship the deity of Ayalagch, (Alvish: Аялагч) a deity usually personified as an Elf, with some sects of Ayalism believing the spirits of Elves to be the closest in nature to their deity.

According to Ayalist beliefs, Ayalagch created the spiritual essence of the universe, losing his Omnipotence to do so, with Mythology stating him as "The skies and winds, the tides and waves. All that guides those who wander, that is Ayalagch." As such, Ayalist beliefs tie closely with Animism.

Ayalist worship, while dating back to the 4th Century BC, was not often worshipped in churches until after the fall of the Alvan Empire in 1254, popularised by the Khanate of Alvshina - in modern day Suvania - around the late 14th Century, later spreading throughout the Ayalist world to reach back to Alva, along with reforms making the religion less totemistic, although Ayalistic priests are still rather shamenistic in their practices, especially in more rural regions.