Aurian Hand and Tail Gesture Meanings

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At least within the nation of Duominzu, aurians make extensive use of non-verbal communication in the form of hand gestures, though some involve movement of the head and tail, the latter of which establishes a user's emotions. The aurians are able to convey complex expressions through these gestures, such as satisfaction, irony, obeisance, amusement, and empathy. An extra flip of the thumb is used to show a gesture was being used mockingly. Accents could also be conveyed through these gestures, either with which dominate hand was being used or how quick and precise the gesture was performed. It is humorlessly noted that an aurian can get a speech impediment if they lose one of their fingers.

Tail movements and what they mean:

  • Smashing- Anger, Frustration, Agitation
  • Curling- Happiness, Interest, Approval
  • Flickering- Surprise, Fear
  • Stillness- Neutral, Disinterest
  • Swirling- Disgust, Disapproval
  • Twitching- Sadness, Confusion
  • Wagging- Emotional Arousal/Emotionally Overwhelmed

Note: These tail movements can be used outside of hand gestures, though they are mostly and unconsciously performed by the user.

Common hand gestures and their meaning:

  • All things flow away. (Rippling the three fingers of one's right hand, a gesture of regret)
  • Be well and be discreet. (Raising up two fingers beneath one's eye, then falling off to the side)
  • Esteemed colleagues, let us begin. (The rippling of a hand, a traditional sign never to be used with a extra flip of a thumb)
  • Go silent or die silent. (A quick, snappish gesture, rarely used)
  • Happy to be of service. (Slight tilting of a head, followed by grabbing one's shoulder)
  • I choose not to be offended. (Index finger grabbing the thumb)
  • I do not contradict you. (An elaborate gesture)
  • I have decided. It will be done. (Formed by a sinuous motion with the head and a hand gesture)
  • I will speak of it another time. (Offhanded wave of a hand and turning of the head)
  • It's a minor difficulty. (Touching one's forehead with their pinkie)
  • It's safe to come. (Closed fist over heart)
  • It is past time. (Tapping on a open palm)
  • Joyful obedience. (Opened hand and extended fingers over one's heart)
  • Make peace with your ancestors. (Rippling the three fingers of one's left hand)
  • Of course! (Raising up a index finger before curling down)
  • One is but thinking aloud. (Tapping one's side of their head then mouth)
  • Respectfully, you are mistaken. (Index finger imitating a cutting motion to the opposite, inwardly-out facing hand)
  • So you say. (Outside of the index and middle finger rubbing off to the side the top and bottom lip)
  • What means this? (The fluttering of a hand)