Arthur Frost

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Arthur Frost (born September 2nd, 1980) is an Aivintian billionaire, Justice, and the leader of an organized crime syndicate commonly referred to simply as “The Aivintian Mafia”. Arthur Frost is the Chief Executive Officer of Seier Enterprises, the largest conglomerate in Aivintis, known for its companies Titan Incorporated - an arms manufacturing company, Crown Corporation - one of the largest private banks in Aivintis and jewelry manufacturing company, and FuturTech Industries - a small but growing technology company. Since 2001, Arthur Frost has been convicted of three counts of murder, and accused of several white collar crimes such as corporate fraud, insider training, bribery, and copyright infringement. As of 2018, Frost was pardoned by the Chief Justice, and has since worked closely with the upper echelons of government, who have turned a blind eye to his continued criminal dealings.