Ankyola Bikongi

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Ankyola Bikongi
President of Shango
Generalissimo of Shango
Prime Minister of Shango
Commodore, Ground Forces of Shango
"Mos' Def' Top Bop"
Title President of Shango
Assumed Office March 14th, 2006
Preceded by Taso Mombaso

Gender Female
Race Lemur
Born June 15th, 1978
Place of Birth Wombo Lombo, Shango
Age 38
Eye Color Yellow
Height (feet) 5'6
Weight (pounds) 126 lbs
Religion Vayan Catholicism
Languages Unonian, English, Batongan
Alma Mater Kuffley University

Ankyola Bikongi is the President of Shango, and may very well be the most recognizable individual from her nation abroad. Born on the edge of the shanties of Wombo Lombo, Bikongi was "close enough" to go to the richer school districts and, therefore, received a better education than some of her contemporaries who lived close to her home. Despite earning a reputation of being bossy and stubborn, she was still voted as the class vice president for her graduating class. She received assistance to attend Kuffley University in Agolo, and after dabbling in several different programs graduated with a degree in political science six years later. After a stint in the military amid fears of predominantly Vekaiyun intervention, she immediately found work in Wombo Lombo as a reporter where she quickly gained a reputation as someone who was stoic, on point, and produced immediate results.

Encouraged with her progress, she ran for Shango Congress and after a torrid campaign she won the coveted seat representing Wombo Lombo. Two years later, she ran for President of Shango, and in a field of thirty-six candidates and two separate elections she managed to win enough votes to secure the presidency.


Bikongi is a results-oriented individual who is constantly scheming for money-generating opportunities in Shango. In general, she does not trust outsiders, but she has been swayed for the right price. Although she is fluent in the three main languages of Shango, she speaks with a thick Shangoese accent that is peppered in with many colloquialisms.