2021 K'undzeti Elections

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Elections were held in K'undzeti throughout the month of July, consisting of Chancellery, Senatorial, Assembly and Auroran. This marked the end of the Provisional Government and the establishment of the Civilian Government structure drafted in the Constitution. As it was decided to host these founding elections at around the same time, it saw the election of both the Chancellor - the head of the Executive Branch of K'undzeti - as well as the 42 Seats of the Grand Senate and all 450 seats of the Commonwealth Assembly. It also saw the first representatives of K'undzeti sent to the Auroran Parliament, with the 6 MPs allocated to K'undzeti being elected to report to Aura when the Auroran Parliament at the start on their September Session.

Generally, results showed a continuation of popular support for Mikhail Zetali and his Centre-Right Commonwealth Bloc, the successor of the Salovian Party of K'undzeti that campaigned for K'undzeti as an independent state, with Zetali elected to the position of Chancellor in a continuation of his as Provisional Chancellor. The Bloc received a plurality in the Assembly and Senate, with CB members taking up Speakerships in both houses of the Zedakhli.

In general, the results of the election were as expected, with the Commonwealth Bloc, Prosperity & Democracy and the Verk'ohist Unity Front finding themselves the largest parties in the Zedakhli, with the CB and VUF acting as the leading forces of Government within the Assembly and Senate, while P&D took the mantle of the Opposition. The regularity of the results can be attributed to the high turnout, both due to the gravity of elections and the Mandatory Voting system put in place by the Provisional Government.

Chancellery Elections

2021 K'undzeti Chancellery Election
K'undzeti Flag.png
← 2021 1 July 2021 (first round)
17 July 2021 (second round)
2027 →
  Sergey Aksyonov 2018.jpg Thea Tsulukiani.png
Nominee Mikhail Zetali Maia Gherishvili
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Popular vote 1292215 642722
Percentage 66.78% 33.22%

Provisional Chancellor before election

Mikhail Zetali
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Mikhail Zetali
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The 2021 K'undzetian Chancellery Election was held on the 1st of July, with a runoff between the two most successful candidates taking place on the 17th, owing to the lack of an absolute majority during the first round. Provisional Chancellor and Commonwealth Party Leader Mikhail Zetali stood as the de facto incumbent, standing against Freedom & Welfare Candidate Maia Gherishvili in the runoff. Zetali won the runoff by a wide margin, with an over 30% difference in votes between the two. The first round saw Zetali ahead amongst the six candidates, though falling around 8% of a majority, which can be attributed to the two candidates which leaned further right than Zetali, being Hendrik Cruyff of the Unionist Reconciliation Alliance with around 6.5% and Ioseb Gelashvili of the Verk'ohist Revival Party with an impressive result of almost 18%, performing quite a substantial amount better than polls would've suggested due to his flirtations with the far right. Gherishvili, however, could not effectively take advantage of the divide amongst the right, with her 22% a disappointing result for the K'undzetian Left, even when taking into account fellow Leftist Candidate Seyn Pisheri representing the Eco-Socialist 'Our People, Our Planet' who received a not unsubstantial 10.29% of the vote. Also standing in the first round was Independent Candidate Priyono, who ran on the stance of pushing forward the interests of the Zetian Population, who felt excluded and left to the side by the Provisional Government and the Constitution. Priyono and Cruyff struggled immensely due to their ethnically limited base, both unable to effectively reach outside their core base of the Zetian and Vistarian ethnic groups.

Electoral System

According to the K'undzeti Constitution, the Chancellor is to directly elected by any person over 20 who is not currently in prison or a fugitive every 6 years. If no candidate receives an absolute majority in the first round of direct elections, a second round shall be held between the two candidates with the most votes. K'undzeti has a policy of mandatory voting, in which every citizen and registered non-K'undzetian voter is required to present themselves at a polling station on election day, with the allowance of time to do so mandated to workplaces within the country. Failure to do so will result in a relatively minor fine, with the Provisional Government stating "It is not the duty of the state to bankrupt anyone over failure to vote, however it should be enough of an incentive to assure that would never be an issue."


While unable to gain a majority in the first round, it was clear that the stability and normality offered by Zetali allowed him a secure lead amongst the rightist candidates, with there simply not being a large enough opposition from the left to face him in the second round, assuring his victory after he had become the only right-wing option on the runoff ballot. His position as Provisional Chancellor did give his opposition much to work with, with critiques given to the Constitution regarding language rights, the amount of legislative bodies created and the patchworked mix of both Salovian and Vistari systems, which aspects of pleased neither the supporters of a Vistari Parliament nor a truly Salovian Unicameral Legislature. However, this position helped assert his claim as Father of the Commonwealth, the man who had pushed so hard for K'undzeti independence, despite such an Independence creating a country many thought was split in two carelessly, with even the Independent K'undzeti still de jure recognizing the Vistari Monarch as Head of State.

CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
Mikhail ZetaliCommonwealth Party810,55041.891,292,21566.78
Maia GherishviliFreedom & Welfare428,01522.12642,72233.22
Ioseb GelashviliVerk'ohist Revival Party347,86717.98
Seyn PisheriOur Planet, Our People201,11210.39
Hendrik CruyffUnionist Reconciliation Alliance125,2696.47
Valid votes1,934,96899.991,934,93799.99
Invalid/blank votes2410.012540.01
Total votes1,935,209100.001,935,191100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,935,34199.991,935,34199.99

Senatorial Elections

2021 K'undzeti Senate Election
K'undzeti Flag.png
July 7, 2021 2025 →

All 42 Seats of the Grand Senate
22 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
  Charles Michel (2018-01-31) (cropped).jpg Thea Tsulukiani.png Robert Kotscharian.jpg
Leader Goris Smit'i Maia Gherishvili Ioseb Gelashvili
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Leader's seat K'undzeti Akhailip'ortsi K'undzeti
Seats won 17 7 6
Percentage 40.48% 16.67% 24.3%

Elected Speaker of the Senate

Goris Smit'i
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