2018 Blueacian General Elections

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2018 Blueacian General Elections
← 2013 24 October 2018 2023 →

All 102 to the Twadde Keamer
52 seats needed for a majority
Turnout95% (Increase22.6%)
  First party Second party Third party
  Pearsons1.png Charmaine Davignon.jpg Arnou Dumoulin.jpg
Leader Pearson Lagonus Charmaine Davignon Arnou Dumoulin
Party ThearistUny Folkspartij foar Frijheid en Demokrasy Partij fan de Arbeid
Leader since 20 July 2003 28 April 2017 1 January 2009
Last election 27 seats, 26.5% 22 seats, 21.6% 19 seats, 18.6%
Seats won 22 18 17
Seat change Decrease5 Decrease4 Decrease2
Popular vote 16.129 13.240 12.503
Percentage 25,8% 21,2%% 20,0%
Swing Decrease0.7% Decrease0.4% Increase1.4%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  Thierry Charette.jpg Maike Andreasson (2).jpg Nestore Pagnotto.jpg
Leader Theirry Charette Maike Adreasson Nestore Pagnotto
Party Demokraten 87 GrienLinks Sosjalistyske Partij
Leader since 24 June 2006 22 October 2002 5 March 2010
Last election 13 seats, 12.7% 3 seats, 2.9% 12 seats, 11.7%
Seats won 11 11 4
Seat change Decrease2 Increase8 Decrease8
Popular vote 8.089 7.977 2.938
Percentage 12,9% 12,8% 4,7%
Swing Increase0.2% Increase9.9% Decrease7%

Prime Minister before election

Pearson Lagonus

Prime Minister

Pearson Lagonus

22 18 11 17 11 4

This elections will be known in Blueacia because of a few things. This were the elections in Blueacia with the highest turnout ever. Also after this election the longest period of formation started in Blueacian history, it took the parties 187 days to form a new cabinet. After the elections the cabinet was formed by the same 3 parties as last time ThearistUny, FFD and Grienlinks. Pearson Lagonus stayed Prime Minister with the new formed cabinet.

seating in de Twadde Keamer after the elections