2000 Blueacian General Elections

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2000 Blueacian General Elections
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All 102 to the Twadde Keamer
52 seats needed for a majority
Turnout64.9% (Increase11.6%)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Joris Weber Viktor Oegema Pearson Lagonus
Party Partij fan de Arbeid Folkspartij foar Frijheid en Demokrasy ThearistUny
Leader since 16 March 1995 12 November 2005 20 July 2003
Last election 22 seats, 25.3% 18 seats, 21.7% 20 seats, 22.5%
Seats won 31 26 22
Seat change Increase4 Increase4
Popular vote 12.503 2.689 16.129
Percentage 30.4% 25.5% 21.6%
Swing Increase5.2% Increase4.1% Decrease1.5%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Else Bakema Hidde Alma
Party Demokraten 87 Sosjalistyske Partij
Leader since 12 March 2000 3 April 2000
Last election 14 seats, 17.6% 11 seats, 13.5%
Seats won 10 13
Seat change Decrease2 Steady0
Popular vote 8.089 2.938
Percentage 9.8% 12.7%
Swing Decrease6.2% Steady0%

Prime Minister before election

Joris Weber
Partij fan de Arbeid

Prime Minister

Joris Weber
Partij fan de Arbeid

These elections gave the sitting "Purple cabinet" of PfdA, FFD and D87 an almost 2/3rd majority in the Twadde Keamer, they came one seat short. Eventhough the coalition grew in total, D87 lost almost half their seats the former party leader and founder of the party spoke the legendary words "regearje is halvearje" - to rule is to halve. After some heavy discussions between the former coalition partners the PfdA and the FFD conviced the now very small D87 to continue the Purple cabinet and give Blueacia "Cabinet Purple 2, or Weber 2". The small size of D87 gave a unique moment in Blueacian history. After just a year one of D87 biggest goals the "corrective referendum" didn't get the 2/3 majority in the City Counsil. After this the D87 ministers resigned from their position in the cabinet. Prime Minister Joris Weber tried for a week to meant the wounds with the D87 but to no succes. The D87 didn't want to be in the cabinet just to be there. Joris Weber hereafter went to the Prince to present him with the resignation of the whole cabinet with the goal of having new elections. But the Prince didn't accept this, Joris Weber had to try one more time to get the D87 back on the ship, and if they really didn't want to come back he should try and finish the term with only the FFD. After a second attempt to meant thing with the D87 again without succes, Joris Weber announced that from that moment on he would govern with only PfdA and the FFD. Weber 3 fell after 3 more years

31 26 10 22 13

seating in de Twadde Keamer after the elections