1986 Blueacian General Elections

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1986 Blueacian General Elections
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All 85 to the Twadde Keamer
43 seats needed for a majority
Turnout64.9% (Increase11.6%)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Pearson Lagonus Albert Hawkins Wobbe Atsma
Party ThearistUny Folkspartij foar Frijheid en Demokrasy Partij fan de Arbeid
Leader since 20 July 2003 12 November 2005 16 March 1986
Last election 21 seats, 24.7% 41 seats, 48.3% 23 seats, 27.1%
Seats won 37 25 23
Seat change Increase16 Decrease16 Steady0
Popular vote 16.129 2.689 12.503
Percentage 43.5% 29.4% 27.1%
Swing Increase18.8% Decrease18.9% Steady27.1%

Prime Minister before election

Albert Hawkins
Folkspartij foar Frijheid en Demokrasy

Prime Minister

Albert Hawkins
Folkspartij foar Frijheid en Demokrasy

This eleciotn brought something special. ThearistUny won the election but they weren't in the cabinet, they came close to having the needed seats for a minority goverment. When that didn't happen they were forced to form a coalition but they couldn't agree with either of the other 2 parties. this gave an oppertunity to the 2 other parties to form a cabinet with the both of them. When the terms were agreed on 2 people from the FFD didn't like what happend and decided to leave the FFD and start their own party.

25 23 37

seating in de Twadde Keamer after the elections