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The Nuvrenon skyline
The Nuvrenon skyline.
First Tavari settlementc. 200 BCE—200 CE
Incorporated by Royal Charter1304 CE
 • TypeStrong mayor-council
 • BodyCity Council
 • MayorNavi Ronakat (Tavari Communist Party)
 • Total3,904,617
Demonym(s)Nuvrenonašt, Nonašt
Time zoneUTC-8:00 (East Tavaris Time)
Postal code
Telephone area code501 - 505

The city of Nuvrenon is the capital and largest city of Tavaris. As of 2020 census estimates, the Nuvrenon metropolitan area has a population of 6.1 million people. Of these, approximately 3.8 million live in the city of Nuvrenon proper. The city has served as the capital of Tavaris since unification in 1304 CE, and prior to that, it served as the base of power of Line Nuvo, the Tavari clan that would eventually assume the monarchy. In 1992, Nuvrenon hosted the 32nd International Summer Aldanic Games, becoming the second city in Tavaris to do so after Crystal Coast in 1968. Future Prime Minister Žarís Nevran Alandar took home a gold medal as part of the Tavari national volleyball team.


The current city was incorporated by Tavari royal charter issued in 1304, but settlement in the area dates back at least two thousand years. The island on which Nuvrenon sits, King's Island, is believed to have been the first of the Tavari home islands to have been inhabited by the Tavari, who arrived in northwest Gondwana at the turn of the first century CE. Earlier settlements were on the western and northern coasts of King's Island, and later Tavari would cross the Strait of Kings and expand onto the island known as Avnatra.

Previously known as "Nuvomi," the city was already the largest city in Tavaris at the turn of the 13th century CE. However, after it became the national capital (at which time it was named "Nuvrenon"), King Utor I and his immediate successors undertook a major effort to modernize the city - as well as fortify it against the Raonite incursion onto King's Island that also occurred around the same time. As a result, much of the city's previous architecture was destroyed, and there are relatively few remaining archaeological artifacts remaining from the era prior to the 14th century.


The city's name was chosen by King Utor I, who created the name himself. The previous name of the city, Nuvomi, had simply meant "Nuvo town." Utor combined the word Nuvo with the Tavari word "vrenon," which at that time was already an archaic term meaning "palace." Also in the word is the Tavari word "uvren," an adjective meaning "safe" or "protected." King Utor was a staunch believer in the ancient Tavari customs of ancestral veneration he would later have codified into the Tavat Avati. Utor's intent was to select a name that was particularly auspicious, and that would please the spirits of his ancestors and encourage them to bless the city and the new country with wealth and prosperity and keep threats at bay. Tavari troops had expelled all Raonites from King's Island by the end of the 14th century, and Nuvrenon proper has never been invaded by a foreign hostile power, including all six of the wars with Bana.