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The Holy Empire of Bedford, more commonly known as Bedford, is a nation currently residing on the east coast of the continent of Gondwana.

Onyxian History

After the Great Tropical War of 1565, Chief Tula'ham Sharla of the Onyx tribe not only united all of his peoples into a single sovereign nation, but also streamlined the economy while keeping the tribe's morals in check. Sharla founded the city of Onxya City, or in native Onyxian, Sitia Onyxa, in 1569, and within 25 years, it grew into a large city. In 1582, however, Tula'ham passed away, however, the most skilled sculptors from around the area erected a statue of him, and his successor, Kalia Sharla, dedicated the day as Tula'ham Day, which is still celebrated to this day. In 1654, the Great Onyx Civil War broke out, and five factions emerged: the Unateia Collatori (Unity Coalition, Onyx governent), the Endiapatara Protorovia ta Palmia (Independent States of Palmia), the Dexomorcoral Soxalentil ta Onyxa (Democratic Socialists of Onxya), the Alenanans ta Rexupian Onyxians (Alliance of Republican Onyxians), and the Anayalora Slatati ta Onxya (Anarchic State of Onyxa). Realizing that it was in the best interests of most of the factions to get rid of the Democratic Socialists, they were the first ones crushed as a ceasefire was called until...

The Holy Empire of Bedford

Motto: Domus erat reditum affectare
Striving To Return Home

LargestOnyxa City
Official languagesBedford Codexian
Recognised national languagesCodexian, Staynish
Recognised regional languagesOnyxian
Ethnic groups
Ethnic Bedfordites, Palmers, Onyxians
Deital Christianity
GovernmentNepotistic Parliamentary Monarchy
• Eternal Emperor
Colt Gray
• Minister of Onyxian Semi-Autonomous Provinces
K.J. Gray
• Colt Gray and his family were lost at sea after a storm ruined their fishing trip. Eventually, their ship crashed on the islands just north of the Oblivion Islands, where they found the native Onyxians. The natives helped them to mainland Gondwana, where they taught the Gray family agriculture. Eventually, the entire Onyx population befriended the family, especially Colt, and allowed him to become the ruler of the Onyx land.
• Colt set up the nation's capital as Kassonia, named after his granddaughter that passed away while they were stranded. It took a long time, and a lot of hard work, but the palace and Capitol were created, with other buildings being built rapidly.
• Estimate
22 million
CurrencyBedford Dollar (BED)
Time zoneUTC+6 (BST)