Caslun T.

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Caslun T.
IndustryMachine learning
FoundedJanuary 15, 1989; 35 years ago (1989-01-15)
FounderNarusz [Surname?]
HeadquartersRaszeran, Aduraszna
Area served
Number of employees
850 (December 2019)

Caslun T. (/ɢas.lɯn ti/) is a information-technology company based in Aduraszna that deals in algorithms and machine learning. It became a subsidiary of Cluster in 2018 following a buy-out. Caslun is a now-obsolete Vaaran word that translates as "vacuum tube", but the origins of the "T." in the name are unknown. Caslun T. is also the parent company of CT. Rastera, which makes graphics cards for desktop and laptop computers, and CT. Reulun, which makes electronic instruments and synthesizers.