Administrative Code (Ayaupia)

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The Administrative Code of Ayaupia or shortly the Administrative Code is a unique set of laws aimed to administrate the newly formed country of Ayaupia in 1955. Drafted by a commission of 24 jurists, it entered into force the 10th December 1955. Codifying the political institutions as well as the subdivisions borders and organisation, it works as a fundemental book for the new nation.


Previous codifications

Before 1955, where the three original nations federated, each former countries were administred by various laws, and even inside of some of them were into use different customs according to the region. The closest attempt to the current code would be the Asconian Code, which tried to consider all the local laws and customs and gather them into one book, when the Republic of Asconian territories was established.

Reforms and novelties

Territorial oddities and local instances (such as specific types of territory, micro-territories or city-states, enclaves/exclaves) were abolished or simplified to facilitate the process of administrating the country when each of them were integrated into. Equal types of administrative subdivisions were enforced to garantee the equality and integrety of each region.

The nation has been divided into three constituent countries corresponding to the distribution of species. A line dividing the island of Torusta, which is the main island of Ayaupia, separates asconians and palayonians. Nestonians are naturally separated by a body of water.

Each constituent countries is divided into provinces, which matches historical, linguistical and cultural entities. Those are the central pillar of the Administrative Code and of the political life in Ayaupia.