Volkian Security and Intelligence Agency

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Volkian Security and Intelligence Agency
Agency overview
FormedMarch 26, 1953; 69 years ago (1953-03-26)
JurisdictionVolkian Federative Republic
HeadquartersVolkgoroda, Volkia
Employees5,200 (2020)
Annual budget$2.15 billion (2020)
Minister responsible
  • Anatoly Kuzmich,
    Minister of Foreign Affairs
Agency executive
  • Leon Zavoyko, Director of Security and Intelligence
Parent AgencyMinistry of Internal Affairs

The Volkian Security and Intelligence Agency (VSIA; Volkian: Волкскийская Агентство Безопасности и Разведки, 'VABR') is the national security agency of Volkia that is responsible for the protection of the country and its citizens from espionage, sabotage, acts of foreign interference, politically motivated violence, and terrorism. VABR is the largest agency in the Volkian Intelligence Community.

VABR has a wide range of surveillance powers to collect sapient and signals intelligence. During operations that require police powers like arrest or detention, the VABR will coordinate with the Volkian Federal Police or provincial and local police agencies. VABR agents are not military or law enforcement, therefore they have no police powers and do not carry firearms.

The VABR headquarters are located in Volkgoroda, with local offices in the provincial capitals and the country's largest cities.

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