Volkian Premier League

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Volkian Premier League
Volkian Premier League Logo.png
Organising bodyVolkian Football Federation
FoundedFebruary 19, 1972; 50 years ago (1972-02-19)
First season1972
Country Volkia
ConferencesWestern Conference
Eastern Conference
Number of teams22
Level on pyramid1
Domestic cup(s)Volkian Open Cup
League cup(s)Premier Championships
Current championsAskiz FC (3rd title)
Most championshipsVolkgoroda United
(12 titles)
Most appearancesAndrey Zhernakov (598)
Top goalscorerLuca Nuriyev (372)
TV partnersVTK Sports, SRS, TCB

The Volkian Premier League (VPL) (Volkian: Волкскийская Премьер Лига; Volkskiyskaya Prem'yer Liga) is the top level of the Volkian football system. Sanctioned by the Volkian Football Federation, the league comprises of 22 teams with plans to expand in 2022. It is one of the major professional sports leagues in Volkia and the top football league of the lupine world. The league is headquartered in Volkgoroda.

The Volkian Premier League was founded on February 19, 1972 after a split with the Volkia League 1, which was previously the top tier of Volkian football. The league started its inaugural season in 1972 with ten teams. After a series of expansions, reductions, and relocations the VPL reached its current size of 22 teams in 2019 and will add two additional teams in 2022. With an average attendance of 35,173, it has the highest average attendance of any professional sports league in Volkia. Most stadiums are often at capacity during games.

The VPL season typically begins in mid to late March and runs through mid-October, with each team playing 42 games; the team with the best record is awarded the President's Trophy. Sixteen teams go on to compete in the postseason Premier Championships in late October and early November, culminating in the Premier Championship Final.


Competition format

The Volkian Premier League's season runs from mid to late March through mid-October. Teams are divided geographically into the Western and Eastern Conferences, playing every other team twice (home and away) for a total of 42 games.

Similar to the Volkian Hockey League, the VPL's regular season standings are based on a point system. Three points are awarded for a win, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss. At the end of the regular season, the team with the highest point total is awarded the President's Trophy and home-field advantage throughout the Premier Championships.

Seven teams from each conference qualify for the Premier Championships: the top six teams in each conference plus the conference team with the next highest points (wild cards). The top seeded teams get a first-round bye. The winners of the conference finals play each other in the Premier Championship Final for the VPL Cup.


Team Location Stadium Capacity Founded Joined Head coach
Western Conference
Askiz FC Askiz, Uzlovaya Oblast AKL Field 35,000 1912 1972 David Konnikov
FC Likhoslavl Likhoslavl, Olyutorsk Oblast VMZ Park 58,568 1901 1972 Head Coach
Satka City Satka, Makushin Oblast Satka City Stadium Capacity 1943 1976 Head Coach
SC Venyov City Venyov, Abarsk Oblast Venyov City Place Capacity 1980 1980 Head Coach
FC Poltovka Poltovka, Shimanovsk Oblast QuickPay Field Capacity 2019 2019 Head Coach
Volsk City FC Volsk, Shipayetsk Oblast VSB Park Capacity Founded 1972 Head Coach
Izumrud City FC Izumrud, Vladinsk Oblast MobileVolkia Field Capacity Founded 1976 Head Coach
Chernushka SC Chernushka, Dinskaya Oblast Dinskaya Place Capacity Founded 1972 Head Coach
Kodinsk City FC Kodinsk, Vyalovsk Oblast Kodinsk City Park Capacity Founded 1995 Head Coach
Zuyevka Union SC Zuyevka, Ozyoretsk Oblast VorkutaGas Field Capacity Founded 1985 Head Coach
Nikolayevsk SC Nikolayevsk, Khivlyar Oblast Volktel Stadium Capacity Founded 1972 Head Coach
Eastern Conference
Volkgoroda United Volkgoroda, Volkgoroda Oblast Old Union Park 60,000 1898 1972 Georgiy Fedchenkov
Kursavka City Kursavka, Yekartovsk Oblast Jasmine Heights Park 52,500 Founded 1972 Head Coach
FC Georgiyevsk Georgiyevsk, Kalinibinsk Oblast Sunset Park Stadium 47,250 Founded 1972 Head Coach
Kovdor City FC Kovdor, Norindzhik Oblast Kovdor Field 35,500 Founded 1995 Head Coach
SC Zarinsk City Zarinsk, Zhukovsky Oblast Fedoseyev Park Capacity Founded 1972 Head Coach
Yadrin FC Yadrin, Orlik Oblast Dobycha Stadium Capacity Founded 1976 Head Coach
Bakhta FC Bakhta, Lagan Oblast Nadozavod Field Capacity 2019 2019 Head Coach
FC Svetlogorsk Svetlogorsk, Akusha Oblast B10 Stadium Capacity Founded 1982 Head Coach
Sharlyk FC Sharlyk, Lopatino Oblast Sharlyk Field Capacity Founded 1976 Head Coach
Katrovozh City Katrovozh, Belorerino Oblast All Sun Park Capacity Founded 1980 Head Coach
FC Repyovka Repyovka, Kologrosk Oblast Kologrosk Place Capacity Founded 1972 Head Coach

League championships


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