Volkian Air Force

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Volkian Air Force
Воздушные силы (Vozdushnyye sily)
Coat of Arms of the Volkian Air Force
FoundedJuly 26, 1921; 102 years ago (1921-07-26)
Country Volkia
TypeAir force
RoleAir superiority
Aerial warfare
Size78,855 active uniformed personnel
52,162 reserve personnel
131,017 total uniformed personnel
Part ofCoat of Arms of the Volkian Defense Forces Volkian Defense Forces
HeadquartersNational Defense Headquarters,
Volkgoroda, Volkgoroda Oblast
EquipmentList of VAF equipment
EngagementsVolkian Civil War
2014 Dverian War
Commander-in-ChiefYuliya Surkova
Minister of National DefenseLudmila Kravchuk
Chief of StaffGeneral Samara Yumatova

The Volkian Air Force (Volkian: Волкская Воздушные силы, tr. Volkskaya Vozdushnyye sily) is the air branch of the Volkian Defense Forces.

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