Vistara Commonwealth

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Imperial Commonwealth of the Vistara

Keizerlijke Gemenebest van de Vistara (Vistarian)
Opperlike Statebond van die Vistara (Kolonital)
Flag of Vistara Commonwealth
Working languagesVistarian
TypeVoluntary association
Membership11 member countries

1 crown associate

3 crown territories

  • Ankbhaja
  • Kamport
  • Poberhaven
• Monarch
Marium I
• Minister of Commonwealth Affairs
Count Adelbert van Edalavia
• Director of the Colonial Office
Marinn Kimura
• Duominzu Agreement
15 July 1925
• Pledge of Fredriksfort
14 August 1929
• Molebaai Decree
15 July 1936

The Vistara Commonwealth or Vistari Commonwealth, formally the Imperial Commonwealth of the Vistara, is a political association of nations, constituent entities and territories legally administered in the name of the See of Supremacy, the throne of Vistaraland. As an organization, it represents the vast majority of the territories of the Vistari Empire, acting both as a forum for coordination and cooperation amongst governments as well as an active force in fostering continued positive non-governmental relations within the territories of the former Empire.