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Packilvania has over 900 Universities and 3,000 colleges Universities are described as institutions that may grant postgraduate degrees and colleges may only grant undergraduate degrees and diplomas. Most major cities have a University. Universities are created and administered under the authority of the national, provincial and metropolitan city governments. Public universities tend to be created in terms of an Act of Parliament by the government of the country, province or metropolitan city. All universities must receive the accreditation of the Council of Universities (Packilvanian: luMijhalis aleMadrasgur), an agency of the Department of Education (Packilvanian: luBawaab luShahitishme aluMadrasifiya).

There are however ancient universities which precede the current Sultanate under the Bedonite dynasty by centuries. Many of these were brought under government control during the reign of the Packilvanian Communist Party. The current regime has extended that system by putting the national, provincial and metropolitan city governments in charge of universities. Private universities must be registered with and accredited by the Council of Universities. In reality the national government has delegated almost all university creation and oversight powers except for accreditation to the provincial and metropolitan city governments. There are various associations within and between provinces for universities to coordinate activities and facilitate cooperation.

The Imperial Qualifications Framework enables a like for like comparison of university programs and courses. The government recognises five programs: Diploma (three year qualification at level 1), Bachelor's degree (three year qualification at level 2), Honour's degree (1 year qualification at level three, some four year Bachelor's degrees can be awarded at level three level), Master's degree (one to two year qualification at level four) and Doctoral degree (2 to 5 year degree at level 5).

Women in Packilvania are allowed to study at all universities in the country from 2010. Gender segregated classes exist in some disciplines and gender integration remains on-going. The country maintains women-only universities. Women are heavily under-represented in the non women-only universities comprising 17% of their populations. Women make up 30% of students, 21% of lecturers, 8% of tenured professors and 5% of Imperial Academy of Science members in the country. For the sake of this list, the list of universities will be by province and metropolitan city.


The most prestigious ranking in the country is the Crescent University Rankings which ranks universities according to quantity of research output in the top 12 science and humanities journals, number of national research chairs, amount of research funding, student to teacher ratio, proportion of Imperial Academy of Science members and number of Fidal Prize winners. Universities are ranked as follows:

  1. University of Bingol
  2. University of Kemer
  3. Bingol Capital University
  4. University of Halaler
  5. University of Meker
  6. University of Zukaril
  7. University of Akas Akil
  8. University of Everyet
  9. Bingol University of Technology
  10. Bingol Metropolitan University
  11. Kemer University of Technology
  12. University of Medayin

The highest ranked women-only university is the Sultana Zulayka Women's University in Bingol at position 17. The government has a program known as the World Class Universities Policy which focuses on making 144 universities highly internationally recognised. An unofficial club known as the Bingol-Kemer Clique is regarded as an informal grouping of the most prestigious universities in country which are disproportionately concentrated in the Bingol and Kemer.


  • Imperial University of Packilvania: Broadcasts courses via satellite and cable television to viewers who pay for the Channels on which the University provides courses. Assignments can be submitted by post to the Imperial University and students can register to write tests either online or at designated testing venues. The University has over 18 million students in 2023.
  • Imperial School of Justice and Law: This University specialises in providing professional development to the judiciary and Procuratorate. It has offices in major cities throughout the country and teaches 300,000 students annually.
  • Imperial Military Academy: This university trains commissioned military officers in various courses. Over 130,000 students are taught annually.
  • Imperial University of Public Administration is responsible for training civil servants in public administration. It trains 450,000 students annually.


  • University of Tsuhe
  • University of Wala
  • University of Adrien
  • University of Akas Akil
  • University of Mushwaratun
  • University of Yushov
  • University of Yehudah
  • University of Bakil
  • University of Koshwadur
  • Imperial University of Ashura
  • Ashura State University
  • Northern Ashura University of Technology
  • Southern Ashura University of Technology
  • Sultan Iktan the Devout University
  • Ashura University of Paxism


  • University of Everyet
  • University of Kaidargard
  • University of Nebel
  • University of Namdunshtar
  • University of Vilayet
  • University of Zorel
  • University of Akas Hedekia
  • Western Jumhurikesh University of Technology
  • Everyet University of Technology
  • Imperial University of Jumhurikesh
  • Sultan Namdun III University
  • Jumhurikesh University of Paxism


  • University of Zukaril
  • University of Qadash Kebir
  • University of Amhoudshtar
  • University of Qayeer
  • University of Akhastar
  • University of Eden
  • University of Yahaxat
  • Iganar University of Technology
  • Sultan Zygros IV University of Technology
  • Sultan Thumim I University
  • Imperial State University of Iganar
  • Lord Tiraz Mawal University of Paxism
  • Zukaril University of Technology
  • University of Sidan
  • University of Southwest Iganar
  • University of Famid-Qasail
  • University of New Everyet
  • Sultan Kameel I University of Science and Technology
  • Supreme Magister Imodin II University of Technology


  • University of Meker
  • University of Taskar
  • University of Belaquis
  • University of Etahid
  • University of Zalayad
  • University of Ohindawo
  • University of Kin
  • University of Mochtan
  • University of Pishtwan
  • University of Dhustri
  • University of Yabari
  • University of Aliwad
  • University of Vrahanan
  • Sultan Melkezedek the Great University
  • Sultan Ishak I University
  • Mekedesh State University
  • Mekedesh Provincial University
  • Mekedesh National University of Science
  • Mekedesh Military Institute
  • Mekedesh Imperial University of Technology
  • University of Gulam
  • University of Shahed
  • University of Kadil
  • University of New Ubran
  • University of West Mekedesh
  • University of the Meked River
  • University of East Meker
  • King Medayin II of Akil University
  • King


  • University of Makobar
  • University of Yukader
  • University of Xahal
  • University of Ajhurit
  • University of Songai
  • University of Hatachariyat
  • High King Jezril II University
  • High King Hujar I University
  • High King Tyber V University
  • Kharyat State University
  • Kharyat University of Technology
  • Kharyat National University of Arts and Performances
  • Supreme Magister Elam Rumaldien University of Paxism


  • University of Abdeker
  • University of Paragriniya
  • University of Damaclion
  • University of Kaliwad
  • University of Gana
  • University of Yehedra
  • University of Beyaneen
  • University of Wusul Kebir
  • High King Duwal IV University
  • High King Tyber II University
  • Sultan Kameel I University
  • Ukanar University of Science and Technology
  • Imperial University of Ukanar
  • Ukanar National University of Military Sciences
  • Yukader University of Technology
  • Axamion University


  • University of Seerahel
  • University of Sharkol
  • University of Lehasa
  • University of Tabrayn
  • Shakar Imperial University
  • Shakar State University
  • Shakar National University
  • Shakar University of Technology
  • Shakar University of Science and Technology
  • Shakar University of Military Sciences
  • Supreme Magister Solion Akhudin University of Paxism
  • High King Jezril I University
  • King Ubladeen University
  • Mishak University
  • Shakar Institute of Military Studies


  • University of Halaler
  • University of Ubran
  • University of Vashtoon
  • University of Exeter
  • University of Kijal
  • University of Gahayal
  • University of Yashad
  • University of Beskar
  • University of Khashwaar
  • Fidakar State University
  • Fidakar Imperial University
  • Fidakar Royal University
  • Fidakar University of Science and Technology
  • Supreme Magister Halad Wadeen University of Paxism
  • Supreme Magister Shabeel Ahadma University of Paxism
  • Sultan Zygros I University of Technology
  • Sultan Namdun III University of Military Sciences
  • Fidakar Institute for the Performing Arts
  • Halaler School of Economics and Politics
  • Halaler University of Health Sciences
  • Southern Fidakar University of Technology
  • Northern Fidakar University of Technology
  • Sultana Zerah Demir II Women's University
  • Sultan Kameel I University of Technology
  • Ubran University of Paxism
  • Ubran Institute for Science and Technology
  • King Ilmadien of Fidakar University
  • King Sajal II of Fidakar University
  • King Nohadeen X of Fidakar University
  • Demir Imperial State University


  • University of Bingol
  • Bingol University of Technology
  • Bingol University of Science and Technology
  • Southern University of Bingol
  • Bingol Metropolitan University
  • Bingol National University
  • Bingol City University
  • Bingol Imperial University
  • Bingol Capital University
  • Bingol University of Military Sciences
  • Bingol School of Economics and Politics
  • Bingol Academy of Music and the Performing Arts
  • High King Melkezedek the Great University
  • Sultan Saidun the Conqueror University
  • Sultan Amhoud I University
  • Sultan Amhoud II University
  • Bedon Imperial State University
  • King Jamal II of Bingol University
  • King Exarion V of Bingol University
  • High King Ishak II University of Technology
  • Supreme Magister Qamal Jureel University of Paxism
  • Prince Gurion University
  • Bingol-Mekedesh University
  • Sultana Zulayka Women's University


  • University of Kemer
  • Kemer University of Technology
  • North Kemer University of Science and Technology
  • Kemer Metropolitan University
  • University of Saldan
  • University of Shameel
  • University of Ixoriad
  • Royal University of Kemer
  • University of the Ufrata River
  • King Umid IV of Kemer University
  • High King Mudwan University of Technology
  • High King Vudal University
  • Sultan Ishak V University
  • Sultana Medaya Women's University
  • Luden School of Economics and Politics
  • Kemer Institute of Arts and Performance Art
  • Imperial State University of Kemer
  • Sultana Emarid Women's University
  • Sultana Gamesha University of Paxism
  • University of Falooj


  • University of Gezer
  • University of Western Gezer
  • Sultana Kaldina University for Women
  • Imperial University College for Science and Technology
  • Supreme Magister Imodin I University