Transnalpia conspiracy

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The Transnalpia conspiracy (Tretridian: Geondanbeorhland facengecwis) is a satirical conspiracy theory that posits that the country of Transnalpia is nonexistent and instead a fabrication of a nebulous group collectively referred to as HIE ("they" in Tretridian) which could include but is not limited to the Royal Intelligence Service, Nassad, or even aliens.

"Adherents" of the conspiracy theory base their claims on three questions:

  • Do you know anybody from Transnalpia?
  • Have you ever been to Transnalpia?
  • Do you know anybody who has ever been to Transnalpia?

Respondents are expected to say "no" to all three questions. Anyone claiming to know something about Transnalpia is assumed to either have been deceived by the conspiracy or even be in on it.

Originating from a viral internet joke, the conspiracy has left a considerable impact on Tretridian and Transnalpian popular culture. The conspiracy has occasionally received acknowledgement by Tretridian and Transnalpian politicians, including Transnalpian Prime Minister Æðelræd Ecgbehrtson, who joked in a 2019 summit that he "could just be a paid actor."