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Cooperative Republic of Tramontana

República Cooperativa de Tramontana (Impelanzan)
Repūblic Coaperatiī de Tramontana (Tramontanan)

Tlaltepētl (Quetzali)

Flag of Tramontana
Coat of arms of Tramontana
Coat of arms
Motto: Por la libertad tomamos una posición
"For freedom we take a stand"
Anthem: Tramontanos, al grito de guerra

"Tramontanan, at the cry of war"

Largest cityCartena
Official languagesImpelanzan, Staynish
Recognised national languagesTramontanan,Quetzali
Recognised regional languagesmore than 300
Ethnic groups
Demonym(s)Tramontanan (Tramontanos)
GovernmentFederal Semi-Presidential Republic
• President
Luis Calderas
• Prime Minister
Álvaro Aguilera
LegislatureGrand Congress
• First Settlement
• Empire of Tramontana
12 September 1667
• Current Constitution
22 June 1855
• Total
880,539 km2 (339,978 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2020 estimate
• Density
76.25/km2 (197.5/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2020 estimate
• Total
$ 1.713 trillions
• Per capita
$ 25,513.35
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
$ 950 billions
• Per capita
$ 14,149.26
Gini (2020)38.3
SDI (2020)0.788
CurrencyTramontanan Qíle (TMQ)
Time zoneUTC -9
• Summer (DST)
UTC -8
Date formatyyyy/mm/dd
Mains electricity220 V/50 Hz
Driving sideright
Calling code+101
ISO 3166 codeTM, TMT

Cooperative Republic of Tramontana (Impelanzan: República Cooperativa de Tramontana), commonly known as Tramontana, is a sovereign state located on the Southwest Gondwana. It is bordered by the Calentar Desert to the north, Sea of Gondwana to the east, Rusyniya to the south and South Pacific Ocean to the west. The Sierra Caldera mountain range lies in the middle of the country, dividing it into western part and eastern part until it reach both coast. With an area of about 880,000 square kilometres, population of around 67 millions, GDP nominal of about $ 950 billions and GDP PPP of about $ 1.7 trillions, it is arguably the largest and dominant country in Southwest Gondwana. It is one of megadiverse countries and home to many ancient cultures. The capital city is Avienta, located on the west coast, home of about 5 million populations, while its largest city is Cartena on the east coast, home of about 8 million populations.