This Commoner Cannot Be This Cute

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This Commoner Cannot Be This Cute
GenreComedy, Adventure, Slice of Life, Romance
Light novel
Written byArnfinn Rinde, Benedicte Hole
Illustrated byHenriette Rasch
Published bySøt! Publishing & Studios
DemographicYoung Adult
Original runDecember 12, 2000On-going
Anime television series
This Commoner Cannot Be This Cute!
Directed byTuva Brevik
Produced byGro Jakobsen
Written byArnfinn Rinde, Benedicte Hole
Music byKristoffer Morgensen
StudioSøt! Publishing & Studios
Original networkANIMARK, VKS!
Original run November 17, 2020 – present
Based loosely on Queen Wilhelmina and Olav I relation, takes place just before the college years of Wilhelmina Ny’hegna and primary is from her perspective. Many of sources of the stories directly come from varies sources including interviews the two held, second hand stories, conversations from Ny’hegna's parents and as well some individuals who choose to remind in private.