The Conglomerate

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Anbareza, Antora, and Kimaneó Mining Cooperative of Nystatiszna
TypeMining Conglomerate
Founded25 November 2021
HeadquartersEleçeron, Casilló y Réal
Number of locations
Newport, Nystatiszna
Area served
ServicesMineral Extraction
Mineral Smelting
Resource Transport
Industry Training
Number of employees

The Conglomerate is the short name for the Anbareza, Antora, and Kimaneó Mining Cooperative of Nystatiszna, a private joint mining venture between Anbareza Corporation, Antora Mining Limited and Kimaneó Holdings that focus on extracting and refining ores (mainly cobalt, lithium, copper and titanium) from the extremely undeveloped regions of central Nystatiszna. The independent holding company is based in Eleçeron, Salasca, Casilló y Réal with a second office in Newport, Nystatiszna.


  • Danorgs project which aims to produce cobalt.
  • Naylorbrookisza project which aims to produce lithium from the nearby Stort Dumt Fjell mountain range.
  • Trist Innsjø mining project, which will focus on the copper deposits by Trist Innsjø, a nearby lake.
  • Smilende kløft project, that aims to produce titanium from the Smilende kløft hill near the city of Kala.
  • Waystations, small airfields in the countryside that will allow for the transport of raw ores from mining projects by helicopter and then to Newport city via airplane.
  • Central Processing Newport, an industrial park constructed outside the city for sorting of incoming material for export.

Company Structure and Contract Terms

The Conglomerate will provide two corporate representatives from each investing company to act as an Oversight Board to direct operations with cooperation from the Nystatinne government.

Anbareza Corporation will contribute most of the mining site personnel and equipment for habitation and extraction. Antora Mining Limited will contribute specialists and equipment for the separation of ore from useless minerals and refining/smelting, as well as specialized mineral synthesis equipment. Kimaneó Holdings will construct the mining sites in remote locations and provide transport of ore and personnel.

The Nyastatinne government will be responsible for the construction of the waystation airfields, which will be supplied and operated by Conglomerate employees.

Employees of the Conglomerate working in Nystatizna who are not Nystatinne citizens will be taxed as natives of their home nations and not under Nystatinne law.

The Conglomerate will lease the sites chosen from the Nystatinne government and train and hire Nystatinne (Zrei and Tielfing only) specialists in the operation and extraction methods.

The Conglomerate is to retain 25% of all resources extracted and provide the remaining 75% of the resources to the Nystatinne government directly at 5% of market value per ton per unique resource.