Teoti Mohinahina

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Teoti Mohinahina is a diplomat and politician from The Oan Isles. He currently represents the country on the civilian council of the IRSA (Intercontinental Regional Security Accords). He formerly represented the country on the Council of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent (succeed Tipene Rahua) before he was replaced by Iparema Huinga in 2021. He was responsible for organizing the election of the military and civilian heads of the IRSA in 2021. He canvassed support on behalf of Locklyn Le Roy for the position of President of the UNAC Commission in 2018 before Le Roy pulled out due to accusations of being part of a conspiracy to bomb the headquarters of the Oan Intelligence Bureau in Tokapa.

Teoti Mohinahina studied at Maungapa University, completed one masters degree at Barque University in Axdel and Lambertupol University in Great Morstaybishlia. He is currently unmarried and has two dogs. He was born in Maungapa in the Oan Isles to a lesbian couple by in vitro fertilisation. He grew up in an arguably happy and affluent home, cultivating interests in stamp collecting and carpentry before pursuing studies in economics and social science. His publications include "A treatise on elasticity in auction markets" which was shortlisted for an Apauhana V Prize for Excellence in Economics.