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Tawusian elections occur quinquennially, with both the National Congress and National Risolveré elections occurring simultaneously. The party or coalition that obtains a majority in congress, wins presidency with the president acting as the main representative of Tawuse on foreign diplomatic missions as well as having the ability to introduce executive orders. It is impossible to abstain on a vote within both the Congress and Risolveré
Tawusian National Congress constituencies (as of 2020)
Tawusian National Risolveré constituencies (as of 2020)

The National Congress

The National congress of Tawuse consists of 150 representatives which represent 100,000 people per constituency (-/+ 10%). Representatives within congress draft bills of potential laws and amendments. A successful vote in the Congress is then passed into the National Risolveré to be voted upon. If confirmed, signed into law by the acting president.

The National Risolveré

The National Risolveré of Tawuse acts as the upper house of Tawusian law-making. Consisting of 30 seats, each Risolvan is elected within broader consistencies of 500,000 (-/+ 2%). bills passed by the National Risolveré are subsequently signed into law by the acting president.

Voters vote for their first choice for representative in Congress, followed by their first choice for Risolvan. This is via a first past the post system.

General Elections

2021 Congressional Election

2021 Tawusian Congressional Election
Tawuse flag.jpg
July 3rd 2021

150 Congressional Seats
76 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  JRresized.jpeg Lvresize.jpeg ACresize.jpeg
Leader Lorenzo Vongolé Juliana Rossi Alfons Cecchetto
Party Labourers of Tawuse Liberal Tawuse Spiritual Greens
Leader since 5th July 2011 April 12th 2016 21st January 2014
Leader's seat Carris Central Fair Alter High Forest
Last election 82 seats 10 8
Seats won 79 11 8
Seat change Decrease 3 Increase 1 0

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  RP-resized.jpeg MTresize.jpeg UFresiz.jpeg
Leader Roberto Piscaterre Marcus Trentino Urbano Fauci
Party Maritime Party Traditional Tawuse Agricultural Alliance
Leader since August 5th 2020 July 10th 2016 5th April 2018
Last election 12 16 12
Seats won 12 14 15
Seat change 0 Decrease 2 Increase 3

  Seventh party Eighth party
  Almabinachiresized2.jpeg NB Cava resized.jpeg
Leader Alma Binachi Nicollo Brangio
Party Northern Voice Gratultan Independence Party
Leader since 27th March 2017 July 23rd 2016
Last election 3 7
Seats won 3 8
Seat change 0 Increase 1

Congressional election 2021 map.png
Congressional election map 2021

Congress 2021 no keys.PNG
Congressional seat layout 2021

The 2021 general election saw gains in the GIP, AA and LT parties from the LoT and TT parties. Most significantly, the flipping of Vallentagne North from Labourers of Tawuse to the Gratultan Independence Party. Furthermore, Traditional Tawuse lost a seat to the Agricultural Alliance in Central Gratulto.

Vongolé maintained a majority in congress at 79 seats, a drop from the previous 82, securing his presidency for another term. The elections were preceded by severe flooding in the Vallentagne and Central Gratulto regions in late 2019, resulting in the loss of livelihoods for thousands in the affected areas. Slow relief efforts were met by angered farmers and local Gratultans as relief efforts weren't designated to be a devolved issue. Therefore, the disaster was met with a bureaucratic mess in the central government.

It's apparent that the locals took these frustrations to the polls, with Agricultural Alliance leader (insert name) stating that the Westerners were selfish and did nothing to protect the food supply they loved to indulge upon. The AA wasn't the only party to supposedly benefit from this event though, with the Gratultan Independence Party polling highest since the act of union in the old kingdom; GIP leader [name] argued that relief efforts could have been swifter given greater autonomy. This tactic seemingly worked with the GIP flipping Vallentagne North, the region hardest hit by the flooding, from the Labourers of Tawuse.

2021 Risolveré Election

Within the National Risolveré, most candidates were re-elected with the exception of the Central Mountains. This constituency flipped to the AA from Liberal Tawuse, possibly due to claims from the AA that better agricultural subsidies could be obtained with greater presence in the Risolveré. With a significant rural population, these promises seem to have caught the attention of voters.

2021 Risolveré election map
Seats within the national Risoveré
Party 2016 election 2021 election Change in seats
Labourers of Tawuse 16 16 0
Liberal Tawuse 4 3 Decrease 1
Spiritual Greens 1 1 0
Maritime Party 2 2 0
Traditional Tawuse 2 2 0
Agricultural Alliance 5 6 Increase 1
Gratultan Independence Party 1 1 0

Following GE2021

The election opened the eyes of many throughout Tawuse with President Lorenzo Vongolé pledging reforms on disaster relief following the loss of the formerly safe seat in Vallentagne to the GIP. Juliana Rossi celebrated the gaining of a seat in central Copesca, flipping from the LoT. Marcus Trentino met the news of losing two seats from an already dwindling pool of representatives, he described the election as "troubling for the future of Tawuse". Meanwhile, the Agricultural Alliance and GIP celebrated massive gains in both the Risolveré and Congress. Urbano Fauci, leader of the AA declared victory for the rural populations of Gratulto.

Despite hosting rallies in all border regions, Alma Binachi of the Northern Voice claimed she was "comfortable" with the result seeing no seats were lost. Roberto Piscaterre claimed that he'd further the fight for maritime livelihoods for as long as he has his seat, celebrating gratefully for the continued support of fishermen and dockworkers throughout the country. Nicollo Brangio, whilst visiting a local school in Vallentagne, told press that he would "continue to fight for further autonomy" as the gain of Vallentagne North from LoT "signals the growing desire for Gratultan independence".