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Tauraucania, known also as the Kingdom of Grey Haven of Tauraucania, is a Kingdom on the continent of Gondwana ruled with iron fist by Rivorthor I, the Black Crown. Because of its cultural importance, it became the primary State in which the asura or "elves" took refuge after fleeing from the Realms of Men and Ursines. After the death of the greatest asura that ever lived, the famous Gil-galad, Tauraucania became a very sad place to live, since the fire that burned in Gil-galad's heart went out. The asurian people lost the will to live, but it was Hoeth who led them to a new place and establish a new Kingdom. The people are waiting the rebirth of Gil-galad, the biggest and most famous elven general that ever lived, for the elves there is no honor above serving their Hero and Demigod.

Despite being a nation of 12 million asura, the elves have a very sparse population, which is explained by the distrust of its people towards foreigners. However, in urban regions such as Taur-nu-Fuin, the asura are less suspicious and more receptive, which leads us to believe that such cold behavior of elves in rural areas is justified because they are in constant surveillance, since the King forces the clan leaders to report suspicious activity across borders and royal properties.