Syrtæn'at Solidarity

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Syrtæn'at Solidarity
SpokespersonOve Ahlander
(since 1 May 2018)
Tsyrel'se LeaderKarel Tsohmer
(since 7 August 2020)
FounderФё-ϟжп-Пщф (Ka'lun-Nøk)
Maja Ohlson
Founded9 April 1997 (1997-04-09)
Split fromPopular Democratic Union
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Trade unionism
Social justice
Hessian syndicalism
Marxist feminism
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationForward, Syrtænzna
Colours  Teal
Members of the Tsyrel'se
51 / 252
Syrtæn'at Solidarity, officially registered as the Popular Democratic Opposition - Solidarity and abbreviated to SSol, is a socialist and trade unionist political party in Syrtænzna, with an ideological link to the Aszar Party of Solidarity (Vaaran: Reinjatura), with the first manifesto of the Syrtæn'at party stating a belief in a "wider movement of Solidarity" at multiple points. Having seen a gradual rise in prominence throughout the 2000s, SSol has taken the mantle of the largest party of the political left, dwarfing the Popular Alternative (formerly Popular Democratic Union) which they originally split from. Often having been previously criticized by the older establishment parties as "not a party of government," SSol has headed three Governments in Syrtænzna, having led the Aalström Ministry (2018 -2019) as a minority government after gaining a plurality in the legislature, as well as the First (2010-2013) and Second (2013-2016) Lindén Ministries heading a majority coalition.

Currently, the party heads the Opposition in the Tsyrel'se with 51 Members within the legislature, the second largest behind only the Unitary Progressive Party. They perform less well in Presidential elections, however, with the more regionally based Democratic Party for Akua (DPA), Folkish Socialists and the Peasants and Farmers Party (PFP) usually doing better in Local and Presidential elections, with SSol often forming agreements to support candidates from the so-called "regional left", as seen by their support of the successful candidate of DPA Spokesperson Tobias Skogen for Minister-President of Østligeforsyn. Currently, SSol is a part of the generally Centre-left political alliance Forward, Syrtænzna alongside the DPA and Green, making up the largest group in Opposition.

SSol was formed from a group of Tsyrel'se members originally part of the socialist Popular Democratic Union, who had taken to Abstentionism following speciest comments made by the Party Leader, as well as the increasingly right-leaning Party Manifesto, which many saw as a move to Social Democracy and Social Conservativism, a far cry from the Democratic Socialism the party had formed under. Taking inspiration from the Solidarity party in Aduraszna, Members Ka'lun-Nøk and Maja Ohlson declared their intention to leave the Popular Democratic Union and form the Popular Democratic Opposition, using the name Solidarity as a shorthand to differentiate themselves from the rump PDU and link themselves with the Aszar counterparts.