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|conventional_long_name = Sultanate of Tano
|common_name = Tano
|continent = Itur
|era = 19th-21st Century
|government_type = [[wikipedia:Absolute monarchy|Absolute monarchy]]
|p1 = Vozhdom of Tolpa
|flag_p1 =
|image_coat =
|symbol_type =
|s1 = Tanoese Protectorate
|flag_s1 =
|s3 =
|flag_s3 =
|image_flag = Tanoflag.png
|flag_type = Flag of Tano
|flag =
|image_coat =
|today = [[South Hills]]
[[Category:South Hills]]
'''The Sultanate of Tano''', also referred to simply as [[Tano]] was a transcontinental nation with territory on the continents of [[Itur]] and [[Yasteria]], comprising 36% of mainland Itur.
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