See of Supremacy

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See of Supremacy

Opperste Stoel (Vistarian)
Stoel van Oppermacht (Kolonital)
Flag of See of Supremacy
CapitalVierbak (de facto)
Working languagesVistarian
Church of St Arend
GovernmentAdemarist elective monarchy
• Empress
Marium I
Sovereign subject of international law
• Verilander Principality
• Kingdom of Vierbaak
• Vistari Empire
• Edict of Reinersgraf

The See of Supremacy (Vistarian: Opperste Stoel) is the jurisdiction of the Emperor of the Vistara in their role as sovereign of numerous nations and territories. In addition to directly including the Archduchy of Verteken as well as the crown lands of the Vistara Commonwealth, the juristiction includes the sovereign states of Vistaraland; Satō; Duominzu; K'undzeti and the Western Provinces, as well as sharing juristiction with the Union of Free Cities in Poberhaven and Kamport; the Norgsveltian Crown in Maanbriak; Rohyca in Ankbhaja and Hvaloaszna in the Principality of Henerschat.