Second Albanarian Civil War

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Second Albanarian Civil War

The map shows each side of the conflict.
DateJanuary 19, 2022 - Ongoing


  • Salim and Usvonid engaged in combat since February 26
  • The city of South Sigurd is under siege by Lau troops since April 13
  • Participants

     Soviet People's Republic of Albanares


     Republic of Salim


     Lau Clique


     Duchy of Usvonid

    Imperial Army of Usvonid
    Commanders and leaders

    Ahmet Züra-Mehdi

    Sägät Al-Veyarbazan

    Ali Sabu Koräki

    Brazov Khan Mahat

    Kwang Shun Kai-Shun

    Umanosukemaru Saigeiwadasaki

    Wilhelm von Faisal

    Friedrich Islam
    Casualties and losses
    120,000 (estimated)

    The Second Albanarian Civil War is an ongoning multifaceted armed conflict that started in January 19. It resulted so far in an estimated 120,000 fatalities. The conflict began after the July 23 Coup that saw prime minister Ahmet Züra-Mehdi becoming president and re-installing communism after 39 years of democracy.