Sardonyx Tupuni

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The Esteemed
Sardonyx Tupuni
Harareka Tupuni
Sardonyx Tupuni.jpg
Minister of Internal Affairs
In office
18 August 2018 – 09 August 2021
Appointed byEmperor of Polynesia
MonarchEmperor Oahoanu
LeaderOpal Lazuli
Preceded byposition established
Succeeded byDerrick Obsidion
Personal details
NationalityKohatuan (Oan)
SpouseBlue Apahe
ChildrenGypsum Tupuni-Apahe

Sardonyx Tupuni is a politician and activist from the Kohatu Isles. He served in the government of Opal Lazuli from 2017 to 2021 as the Minister of Internal Affairs. Prior to this was a senior member of the National Liberation Movement and he was the Director of Internal Communications and Coordination. He was part of the guerilla organisation of the NLM that fought against the Diamond Authority in the Kohatu War. He recruited had Lapis Lazuli and Opal Lazuli. He was among the officials who negotiated the annexation of the Kohatu Isles into the Oan Isles. In 2021, he resigned from his position as a Minister in the Kohatu Cabinet due to political differences with Opal Lazuli. She had originally wanted to suspend him (place him on paid leave) due to suspicion around his involvement in the 2021 Malachite Palace terrorist attack.