Royal Museum of Vakrestrender

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Royal Museum of Vakrestrender
Kongelig Museum av Vakrestrender
Kongelig Museum av Vakrestrender
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General information
Town or cityFlyttingavgrønnhud
Construction startedMay 8th 1996
CompletedApril 2th 2005
OpenedJune 1th 2007
Cost20 million UKR
OwnerRoyal Bjørn Family
Top floor3th
Design and construction
ArchitectFelix Kristiansen
Architecture firmMurstein og Stål
Other information
Number of rooms30

The Royal Museum of Vakrestrender is an national history museum located at Flyttingavgrønnhud, Vakrestrender. The museum features many exhibitions from colonial and pre-modern times, with a healthy amount of Auroran artifacts donated by the priest caste of the native Vakresrtinne population. The varies religious artifacts from the Auroran cultures was received by the native population through it's piracy and pillaging through out the centuries. The Museum prides itself showing the royal family jewels of Bjørn, a series of some of the most luxurious set of gem stones in the southern hemisphere. Gathered through out the many decades through the various contacts from the jewelry industry.


Planning for the museum was started back in 1986 by the Bjørn the IVth, when he was working biography for Bjørn the Ist. He wanted several of the artifacts, both from the native orc population and the colonial peoples to be shown for to all Vakrestrinne peoples. Bjørn went to the PM of Vakrestrender and the parliament, opening with a small speech about the proud history of Vakrestrender. Controversy starting with the time his grandfather, Bjørn the Ist landed on the isles and claimed it for Norgsveldet, skipping over the war that took place between the two peoples. The speech was applauded and funding for the Museum was voted in unanimously, with the only section voting no was from the native peoples.

Later in private, Bjørn went to the native peoples committee to negation terms with them. While it's unknown what was traded or offered, was is known was the where the museum will be located.