Royal Military Commission

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Royal Military Commission
Service branches
HeadquartersPorto Prosperità
Lord High Admiral and Imperator of the Sea King Enzo I
First Sea Lord Lord High Admiral Andrea Zelutti
Second Sea Lord Lord Vice Admiral Renato Conti
Navy Fleet Commander Admiral Luigi Costa
Marines Commander General Armando Bianchi
Auxiliary Commander General Francesco Russo
Carabineri Commander Marshal Giuseppe Da Nucci
Military age16
ConscriptionThree year national service
Active personnel153,290
Reserve personnel45,590
Deployed personnel11,000

The Royal Military Commission (RMC) is the strategic command and administrative organisation of the military forces of Petra Cauda. Headquartered in Porto Prosperità, the RMC is responsible for the implementation of policy and objectives set in the Royal House of Lords by the sovereign. There are four distinct branches: the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, the Royal Auxiliary, and the Royal Arm of Carabineers. Since 2002, the RMC has been the biggest employer in Petra Cauda.