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rm -rf / is an ongoing RP thread by Kyrla which concerns the development of artificial intelligence in Aduraszna.

Key characters

Sari'ad Injiaris - programmer/developer at Caslun T., inventor of:

Rusnjal Itanrei - aka "Russie", prototype artificial intelligence; its name translates as "computer assistant"

Elera Kaltehan - Solidarity councillor and Sari'ad's love interest. At university, the pair founded the RaszTech Fans Of Indie Rock Except Kelsz Tarun Who Is A Bit Cringe Let’s Not Kid Ourselves Society (aka. IndieRockCringeSoc).


1. (2020-07-10) - Sari'ad Injiaris goes to Idunaro Café to work on Russie. After nearly accidentally revealing it to the barista, Tsólnesz Ataura, she discovers the program is able to independently select relevant algorithms to use for arbitrarily selected tasks.

2. (2021-07-10) - A year later, Injiaris is with her friendship group (IndieRockCringeSoc), on the second floor of Idunaro Café to watch the final of the Aszar Rugby Cup. Although bookies, experts and analysts have all forecasted a Faisluns victory, Russie successfully predicts that Kitara, by far the underdogs, will just about prevail, which they do in the last minute of the game.

Advance notice

2021-07-11 - A quake and tsunami devastate Aduraszna. Kaltehan goes missing; Injiaris steals her location data from Cluster servers and Russie successfully uses this to predict where the tsunami would have carried her after her phone lost signal. Kaltehan is rescued and sent to hospital.

2021-07-12 - Although Russie had been kept a secret from Caslun T. as it was an unauthorised use of the data she had access to as an employee, Kaltehan convinces Injiaris to share it with Zulura Dutsjoren, the union representative at Caslun T. who also has access to many of its supercomputers. They plan to have Russie coordinate the grassroots disaster response from Solidarity as it becomes increasingly clear that the ReNDaF-controlled government will not be able to properly respond. Disaster relief aid is already arriving from countries all over Urth but the transport minister, Ruskalis Sadzhun, MP for Shán Tschal, has contracted a company run by his step-brother to transport the aid from the ports to where they are needed; the company does not have any vehicles and is planning to rent them from another company whose truck depot was destroyed in the tsunami.

2021-07-13 - With supplies running low in affected areas all across the south coast, Harun Suleris, from IndieRockCringeSoc, steals a truck and impersonates a delivery driver. He has the dock workers load up a variety of necessary supplies, mostly aid from Norgsveldet, and drives through to Kargil, near the city centre. While the aid is being distributed, the police arrive, demand people hand back the aid (they don't), confiscate the truck and start to return the remaining aid back to the port. Somebody slashes their tyres, and the policemen guard the truck until somebody throws a bottle, and in a short scuffle, the policemen are tied up and the rest of the truck's contents are distributed. Suleris is arrested later that day. Norgsveltian prime minister Johanna Sverdrup condemns the violence and illegal activity but says the blame lies with the government for creating the distribution delay in the first place.

2021-07-19 - Suleris is put on trial for grand theft auto and an assortment of other related crimes. He pleads guilty, but the jury acquits him on all counts.

2021-07-28 - A case is brought to the high court to demand an investigation into Sadzhun's handling of (among other things) the contracting of trucks to deliver aid. Prime minister Harun Lunsdzhura publicly defends him, labelling the prosecution as "activist lawyer rabble".

2021-08-01 - The latest ASGTV opinion poll is released, which shows record low government approval and the lowest voting intention for ReNDaF since 2005 - they are only two points ahead of Solidarity. Seeing the writing on the wall, Lunsdzhura sacks Sadzhun and a bipartisan recall petition is circulated. The petition gathers the required 7000 signatures in a record thirteen hours and a by-election is scheduled for August 20th.

2021-08-21 - 2021 Shán Tschal by-election - ReNDaF holds the previously safe seat by a margin of only 25 votes in front of Solidarity.