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Reingiker Armory is a Mirhaimian defence manufacturing company that focuses on the research & development and manufacturing of armament and munitions systems. The company is headquartered and incorporated in the City of Giker'ha, Loren'ka SAR, Mirhaime, and has offices and subsidiaries in Sarvimaa, Volscina, Antora and Taiyo. Its firearms are used widely across Mirhaime for a variety of civilian, law enforcement, and military purposes.

Founded as a private venture in the 8th century by the Duchess of Giker'ha, its inaugural products of branded longbows, kisian shields, and daoka swords first equipped Emperor Kudarr Lyan Feldrot Ke'hai's 22nd Legion at the Battle of Mauka Ramparts. The success of the Banner Army helped to elevate the armory's image and prestige as praise for the quality of craftsmanship returned from legionnaires, and Reingiker remained one of the Commonwealth Banner Army's largest and most prolific forgeries throughout its history.Reingiker Armory eventually expanded into manufacturing siege equipment in the 11th century, and the greatest trebuchet in Mirhaimian history, the 110 meter tall Takia'sed, utilized during the Siege of Witra'ka (1283), was built at the request of the Laethan Legion and paid for by the crown. These eventually evolved into cannons, the first of which were employed by the 22nd Legion during the Trinterian-Taiyōan War (1385). Following the collapse of the Commonwealth, the Armory remained in service of the Aeter Imperium until 1622, when the Duchy was absorbed by the Trinterian Confederation, where it produced flintlocks and artillery pieces for the Echelon Guards. Reingiker was able to re-emerge as a notable weaponry producer during the founding of the Mirhaime Federation and subsequent fighting eras. Since then, the Armory has grown to include the development of armament and munitions systems in collaboration with Mirhaime's Realm Defense. Reingiker presently has a virtual monopoly on Mirhaimian small guns and artillery..

Reingiker's goods are distinguished by excellent craftsmanship and dependability, and the company is widely recognized as one of Mirhaime's most prolific defense firms. The Armory presently employs around 112,000 people with 57 subsidiary firms throughout [blank] continents.