Raphaëlle Blanchet

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Raphaëlle Blanchet
AllegianceFederation of the Southern Coast
Service/branchFederal Navy; Marine
Years of service2000 - ongoing
RankAdmiral; Chairperson of the Defense Committee
Alma materAcadémie-de-la-marine-royale-de-l'étoile-rouge
Born 03/01/1979 in the Sainte Ténèbre republic in the city of Amrisring northwest of the capital of the republic. Her parents Paul Blanchet and Alexandre Blanchet was both officers in the Federal Navy, with her father being a captain of a patrol craft with her mother served as secretary of Admiral Marchand. In her early life, she was enrolled into a military academy getting a extremely early start in her military education however during the summer months, her parents placed her in Akuanist religious school hoping to the education in both fields will create a well-rounded person. According to records of both academies, excelled in academic matters and school club life. Being part of the Sverdturneringer team and the swim team, with competing in several events and contests of first-blood. In her teenage years, she became in infatuated with Ny'Sænuri and then later when she became of age she traveled to Borea and hunted Borean Bear in the traditional method of the Ny'Sænuri. Making her into a Ny'Sænuri proper in the eyes of Ny'Sænuri clans. When she returned from her time in Borea she enrolled in the Federal navy proper as a commissioned officer due to her time in the military academies. Serving under varies Commanders and Admiralty as part of joint Federation of the Southern Coast-Norgsveldet policing action across the seas. Due to her calm and cool method in dealing with issues that rose in the situation in policing action.