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Valsora is one of seven planets in the Suliasystem. As the second closest to its home star, it is the only planet known to be in the Goldilocks zone and capable of supporting sentient life. However, there is some speculation that the yet-unenexplored moons may also be home to other forms of existence.



There are seven continents on Valsora: Nonscio, Araseos, Solitas, Unistan, Yasteavakia, Orientalis, and Antarctia. Each is cut into regions with unique geographic characteristics.


Araseos: Osía to the northeast, Marmuk (mostly inhabitated by Wersh) the archipelago to the northwest, Prikas

Solitas: Monachikos on the west, Eklytos on the east.


Yastreovakia: Further subdivided into Serapis to the northwest, Vastar to the northeast, and Krionik to the south.




Exteriorem Ocean: Piracy movement

Interiorem Ocean:

Piscary Sea:

Norlany Sea:

Sasurrus Sea:

Sea of Sorrows:

Sea of Formosa:

Serapis Sea:

Strait of Vastar:

Cape Shi-Hao:

Cape of Seermin:

Midterre Archipelago:

Botany Bay:

Great Yastreo Bight: Famous for the Crisis of 2029, the Bight has proved to be a strategic attack point.

North Sea:

Great Southern Ocean:

Properidad Bay:

Cape Bismark:

Auburn Strait:

Kian Sea:


Sentient Species



Humans as we know them today. Humans are the sole dominant race on Valsora, and make up for over 99% of it's humanoid population.

Homo Valsoris

Archaelogic evidence suggests that ancient humanoids once lived in Solitas.



Humanoid in most ways, Nekos represent a tiny amount of the global population, and are considered for the most part inferior by the rest of the world. Nekos only difference to the modern human is the addition of numerous cat like features, such as arched ears, tails and occasionally whiskers. Nekos are a rare species, and are only found in select areas of the world where they are not persecuted or hunted.


Kitsunes are a rare, often considered mythical creature native to very few areas of Valsora, Kitsunes are prevalent in Oriental cultures for their ability to morph into fox-like creatures. Kitsunes, by the modern worlds standards, are considered to be either extinct, or an outright myth by most non-oriental cultures.



Dragons do exist in Valsora, though rare in existence. The Dragon was considered to be a myth by many, and later thought extinct, but Dragons continue to exist today, though severely bred and tamed to be less of a threat. They can be found most commonly in the nation of Brethren.


Not much is known of Fortiscarbs, they are rare burrowing creatures that live underground in hive nests. The Fortiscarb is small in both size and numbers, and are hunted across Valsora due to their nature as a pest and a threat. Fortiscarbs are most commonly found in cooler, temperate climates, though are now considered extremely rare.


Plants in Valsora are [...]