Phoenixian Foreign Intelligence Service

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Phoenixian Foreign Intelligence Service
luAjhensiya aleAsrar leZaneen aFanaak (Packilvanian)
Agency overview
FormedJune 23, 1903; 119 years ago (1903-06-23)
JurisdictionPhoenixian Federal Republic
HeadquartersBluckingham, Phoenixia
Employees2,100 (2022)
Annual budget$1.52 billion (2022)
Minister responsible
  • Denver Terenzio,
    Minister of Defense Affairs
Agency executive
  • Borh Deep, Director of Security and Intelligence

The Phoenixian Foreign Intelligence Service (PFIS; Packilvanian: luAjhensiya aleAsrar leZaneen aFanaak) is Phoenixia's foreign intelligence service. The Foreign Intelligence Service coordinates with all of Phoenixia's intelligence functions, collects information regarding foreign interests and activities, and relays information to the President, Prime Minister, General Staff of the Phoenixian Defense Forces, Minister of the Interior, Foreign Minister and the Minister of Defense. Since 20 October 2012, the Director General of the Foreign Intelligence Service is Borh Deep. Together with the national security department is based in the Defense Intelligence Headquarters.

The stated mission of the Foreign Intelligence Service is to ensure Phoenixia’s national security and to maintain constitutional order through non-military preventative measures. The Foreign Intelligence Service collects intelligence concerning foreign countries, developments and events abroad needed for the formulation of foreign, economic, and defence policy; performs counterintelligence functions for the protection of Phoenixian diplomatic missions and defence units stationed abroad; organizes and monitors the implementing of measures adopted for the security of electronically transmitted information; and organizes and verifies information security and special communications services.