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Pengu-1 is a free-to-air television and radio news channel in the Nystatiszna. The channel is available on the internet, radio and television. Since 15 January 2022, an audio simulcast of the station has been available on DAB+ radio with help of Federation of the Southern Coast funding.
TypeState Owned Company
Newport, Nystatiszna
ServicesNews; Opinion programs; entertainment

Launched in June 1965, the channel was founded with $5 (SHD) million in funding, the majority of which was provided by Imperial Party and NIB. It was set up with the aim of broadcasting "original news, opinion and debate", with a mix of news coverage and opinion-based content. Pengu-1 has been repeatedly described as a state propaganda for Nystatiszna government. However the government of Nystatiszna has repeatedly stated Pengu-1 is an independent broadcasting agency.

In 15, January 2022 Federation of the Southern Coast invested heavily into the Pengu-1 and in broadcasting services all across the country. Increasing Nystatinne listener accounts by over 200%, as radios was handed out to villages and small towns across the country. Thanks to the additional funding from the Federation.