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Pax Drones are people from Packilvania who were indentured servants due to the Drone Policy (Debt Relief One) which was abolished in 2022. They are distinct from Drones in Paxism which are the spirits of the dead which have assimilated with Noi. Pax Drones are legally citizens of Packilvania however they have sold their labour for a period of 7 to 21 years to creditors due to defaulting on debt. According to the Packilvanian government, this policy was designed to enabled poor families to accumulate and protect their wealth even if they have fallen on hard times. Indeed, Packilvania has become one of the wealthiest nations in the world by total assets owned by citizens since the policy was introduced. However, analysts argue that wealth generation in Packilvania has arisen due to economic growth and high stock prices.

Although Pax Drones are regarded as full citizens of Packilvania, sapient rights activists regard the Drone Policy as a form of state-sponsored slavery. The owner or lessor of a Pax Drone's labour can rent, sell, lease or sublease the labour of a drone to others. Pax Drones have no control over whom they work for and what work they are required to do during the period that they are under this system. Furthermore, their rights are circumscribed and their status is reduced to mere property. Their movement and actions are controlled and dictated by their owners including procreation and romance, eating, hygiene etc. Their owners are entitled to use physical force against them in order to discipline them. Despite some laws to protect Drones form excessive force, the reality is that owners are brutal and often kill Drones without consequences.

Pax Drones have been used by the Packilvanian government as mercenaries for hire via various foreign relations programs (refer to Foreign relations of Packilvania for more information). Pax Drones have also been used as farm and factory labour construction, and sanitation workers. Despite prohibitions by Paxism on using Drones for allegedly immoral work such as prostitution, drug trafficking and violent crime, there have been reports of Drones being used in this capacity. As many as 20 million to 100 million people were subjected to this policy at its height. Considerable numbers of Pax Drones exist in foreign nations including nominally democratic societies where their legal status is obfuscated by Packilvanian legal jargon. Free Pacific States hosts the largest community of former Pax Drones outside of the Paxsphere as many of them are asylum seekers and refugees. Some nations have declared the Drone Policy as a crime against sapientkind.