Ostrucian Emergency

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Top left: Ostrucian Police conducting a patrol on the Natural Border, 1956. Top middle: An Ostrucian Special Operations Training Aiming at Communist Targets, 1965. Top right: Ostrucian Special Operations Sailing on Inflatable Boats to seek out Communists, 2022. Bottom left: Ostrucian Civil Military Force Artillery Volunteers Preparing to blow up Hide-outs, 1958. Bottom right: Ostrucian Army marching through the anarch zone, 2022.

The Ostrucian Emergency was a guerilla war and an all out external civil war against Ostrucia fought between Ostrucian Border Guards, the Paramillitary Force, Armed Civilian Groups, Police Force of Ostrucia, Then the Ostrucian Armed Forces and the Communist forces and hardline syndicates