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Ostrucia, officially the People's Republic of Ostrucia, is a soverign nation located in the coasts of East Artucia and stands at the

middle of Aequator line, and it shares borders with steep and fortified border fences of Meridia and Azulita, it is one of the few nations that

implement strict neutrality and never recognized a single nation since, once Ostrucia had made a statement of recognition of

Flag of Ostrucia

every nation, but that changed back to strict neutrality because of the consequences they may have to face.

Ostrucia is home to the largest supercomputer underground facilities and the largest dam in Actucia, One of the top 10 in

Least incarcerated countries in the world, and reformed curriculum by introducing the bill "Education New Act of 11th 2021"

Mental health problems in this country had gradually slowly and hit to the ground.