Order of the Sable Blade

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The Order of the Sable Blade (Norvian: l'Ordine della Lama di Zibellino) is a military knightly order founded in fifteenth century Volscina and currently stationed in Sarvimaa. Originally formed during the War of Seven Emperors by fifteen Alcognan knights as the Allied Company of the Sun and Blade (Norvian: Compagnia Alleata del Sole e della Lama) in 1474, but then later reorganized into the current incarnation of the Order in 1488, after the war had ended. Their symbol is a sable sword, facing upwards, wreathed by six golden wings believed to represent the sun.

They are currently based out of an undisclosed military location Sarvimaa, and have operated in that nation since 1955. The Order of the Sable Blade was originally commanded to assist Sarvimaa modernize its military during the early days of the Novaran Cold War, but remained there ever since, even recruiting new members largely from the Sarvian populace.