Of Valor and Glory

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Of Valor and Glory
Of Valor and Glory.png

National anthem of  Oscrelia
LyricsDaniel Gardener, 1918
MusicLucas Wolfe, 1920

"Of Valor and Glory" is the national anthem of Oscrelia. The lyrics were written as a poem by the poet and revolutionary Daniel Gardner during the overthrow of the Oscrelian Monarchy. The music was written two years later by the Staynish composer Lucas Wolfe, who was personally commissioned by the Chancellor of the fledgling Oscrelian republic.

The National Symbols Act, passed by the Oscrelian National Assembly in the beginning of 1921, officially established the song as the national anthem.

Under the Thornton regime, performance of the song was banned as "subversive" and "degenerate," though the song was still used by the government-in-exile of the democratic Oscrelian government. After the restoration of democracy in 1975, the anthem's status was reaffirmed by the Flags and Symbols Resolution of 1975.