Provisional Government of the Secceran Republic

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Secceran Republic

Repubblica Seccerana
Flag of Seccera
CapitalCelano (civilian government)
Maridea (military command)
Official languagesNorvian
GovernmentProvisional government under Tretridian military garrison
Commander of SECCOM 
• 2002-2006
Þeodweard Cuðmundsunu
• 2006-2011
Glædræd Hroðheresunu
• 2011-2018
Wulfflæd Æðelmundsdohtor
• 2018-2020
Eadþryð Winheresdohtor
Acting President 
• 2002-2006
Francesco Torino
• 2006-2010
Garivaldo del Piero
• 2010-2014
Francesco Torino
• 2014-2018
Anita Inzaghi
• 2018-2020
Carmino Lucciano
• Proclamation
• Independence referendum
• First constitution
• Constitution of the Federal Republic
July 20, 2020
• 2020 elections
September 6, 2020
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Seccera
Volscine Confederation
Federal Republic of Seccera

The Provisional Government of the Secceran Republic (PGRS, Norvian: Governo Provvisorio della Repubblica Seccerana) was the provisional government that ruled Seccera following the abolition of the Kingdom of Seccera in 2002 until its dissolution in 2020. Under the PGRS, Seccera was officially known as the Secceran Republic until its dissolution after the election of George Gray as President, at which point the 2020 Secceran constitution took effect, renaming the country into the Federal Republic of Seccera.

Following the Senate proclaiming the dissolution of the monarchy and the creation of the PGRS in its stead, the resulting civil unrest against the backdrop of the Volscine Civil War, as well as threats from the House of Rineldi to reassert the monarchy's position by force led the PGRS to request outside military assistance, leading to the Tretridian military intervention into Seccera. Tretridian soldiers, organized within Tretridian Seccera Command (SECCOM), were stationed Seccera in large numbers until SECCOM's dissolution in the Resolution Concerning Seccera, passed by the Witenagemot on the same day George Gray took office.

The role played by the PGRS and SECCOM are controversial in political discourse, with many countries, chiefly Volscina, as well as critics even in Tretrid itself asserting that the PGRS was a Tretridian puppet government under military occupation, and that SECCOM and the Tretridian government were the true rulers of Seccera. Both the Secceran and Tretridian governments maintain that the PGRS was a legitimate and self-determined government and that SECCOM served strictly as a peacekeeping force.