Oan Arms

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Oan Arms
Oan Arms
Native name
Nga Patu Oa
FormerlyOan Armaments Corporation
TypeState owned entity
IndustryArmaments and munitions
FoundedApril 23, 1956; 66 years ago (1956-04-23)
FounderOan Armaments Corporation Act 1956
Area served
Key people
Manoaki Punu (CEO)
Tukau Whamote
ProductsHellfire Guided Missile
Silent Killer Unmanned Aerial Combat Vehicle
OA-75 Assault Rifle
OA-34 Howitzer
BrandsOan Munitions
Oan Armour
Oan Artillery
Oan Arms Wired
ServicesMaintenance and repairs
User support and training
Revenue♅450 million
♅56 million
Total assets♅17 billion
OwnerGovernment of the Oan Isles
Number of employees
DivisionsOan Munitions
Oan Armour
Oan Artillery
Oan Arms Wired
Oan Arms (formerly known as the Oan Armaments Company) is a publicly owned for-profit company in the Oan Isles. It was established in 1956 by the government of the Oan Isles through the passage of the Oan Armaments Company Act by the National Assembly which was signed into law by Rangitanga-a-te-Moana Rangitake IX. This was during the tenure of Prime Minister Lady Manaia Iparoha who wanted the Oan Isles to have greater control over the arms being more used by the Oan Defence Forces. The company was rebranded in 1995 as part of a modernisation and restructuring campaign. In 2001, Oan Arms and KAE Systems plc from Kuthernburg started working on the Silent Killer UACVs. In 2017, Oan Arms sold its subsidiary Oan Shipyards to KAE Systems.