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OA-14, shorthand for Operatie Achromatisch 14 (Kæzhyn: Иıифё [12] (Traditional) / Pypka Lyra No'ulo (Reformed), Codexian meaning: Operation Achromatic 14) is a joint research operation between Vistaraland and Kæra'zna into utilization of deliberate thalamic damage to nonlethally neutralise a target in a more obfuscating manner than lobotomizing them, with the eventual hope of being able to induce retrograde amnesia. The research operation began on the May 12th 2016 under the remit of Doctor Jurriaan H. Alphen, a Thalamic Neurologist at the Ducal University of Sereena and La'ulf Øfesak'fla, a Kæra Official in the Office of Citizen Appraisal and Mother of the only Kæzhyn Translator in the International Forum.

Under the guise of research into Thalamic glioma, Dr Alphen and his team provide a majority of the scientific and medical knowledge, whilst the Kæra provide a location and pool of elves in order to test the Operation's findings through the use of its eugenics program. As the fourteenth joint-operation into unethical research concepts requiring sapient experimentation, OA-14 marks the continuation of support given to Kæra'zna by Vistaraland through mutually beneficial projects that offer Private Investment into the small Borean nation as an unwritten agreement for allowing Vistaraland access to resources for such programs, with many considering enacting such experiments on Vistari prisoners to be a more unethical - and more easily tracible - option than using Kæra who are to be executed regardless.