Nobility of Caltharus

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After the establishment of the Caltharusian monarchy, the power has been in hands of the Louzar dynasty. Even though they are the royal dynasty, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other powerful families in Caltharus. Most of Caltharus is split to smaller counties and rulers of these counties are part of the royal senate, the third power user in Caltharus. (King has half of the power, senate has third of the power and Royal senate has one sixth of the power.) Even though royal senate doesn’t have much power in the whole country, rulers of each county have relatively much power in their own counties, even though in each county there also exists a regional senate. Since the first establishment of the monarchy families that ruled each county fought and plotted against each other to get more power. Currently Caltharus is divided in to 14 counties, from which three are controlled directly by the Louzar dynasty. Louzar dynasty controls Aeternum, Lambertupol and Carcharias provinces. Province Aeternum is on the area where the original city states were.

Current Houses

House Barbarossa

ouse is relatively new, since they joined Caltharus after Morstayblishian empire was established. Originally house Barbarossa lived in Khanate of Nocturne (Provinces: Nocturne, green and orange and grey). Morstayblishian empire conquered Khanate of nocturne in so called “musket wars” (1732-1756) after centuries of bloody wars and raiding. These wars were the first major wars in which musket was a primary weapon. After being conquered house Barbarossa was one of the more co-operative houses and was rewarded for their loyalty with a small county in mainland of Caltharus. However house Barbarossa was very ambitous one and soon started growing their power. With the monarchs wanting to make sure that Nocturinians wouldn’t rebel (especially since they had their own religion, Amarth Baal, rather than following the same that other Caltharusians followed). Relatively soon, only 40 years after joining the empire they had made their small province one of the most powerful in whole Caltharus. They also were able to expand their small province into modern day Barbarus.

House Ferrus (in modern days Irons)

Province of Black mountains is ruled by House Ferrus. The mountains got their name in ancient times when large amounts of coal was found there. Originally the province was part of Ecaltus, nation that was conquered by King Sigmund I Louzar “The victorious” in 1076. Ecaltus was known for it rich mines and after it being conquered main focus in Caltharusian economy shifted from agriculture to mining. Even to this day provinces that once were part of Ecaltus (Eskrador and Black mountains) provide most of minerals needed by Caltharusian economy. In modern day House Ferrus might be the most powerful great house in whole Caltharus, current heir of the House, Jakob Irons, is CEO of Ferrus industries, main weapon developer and manufacturer in Caltharus. Ferrus industries is partially under goverments rule, but most of the decisions are made by Jakob Stahl. Even though Ferrus industries main focus is on weapons, they have also expanded to other areas.

House Acceron

Province of Eskrador is ruled by house Acceron, the ruling family of Ecaltus. Because ecaltus was conquered in just one year (although after the first war had collapsed their economy) the act of making Ecaltus a Caltharusian vassal and later integrating it to the nation was relatively painless and easy. Because of this House acceron was allowed to stay and rule first the vassal Ecaltus and later half of Ecaltus when it was integrated (Ecaltus was split in to two provinces during the integration to weaken House Acceron). Although House Acceron is one of the oldest of Houses in Caltharus, it’s power has been in steady decline ever since the “Musket wars” (1732-1756) in which Kingdom of Nocturne was conquered. The decline resulted from muskets becoming more important which resulted in large growth of demand of iron. While House Ferrus managed to answer to the challenge and secure the best trade oppoturnities within the empire, House Acceron failed and started to lose it’s power. In modern days House Acceron has lost their grip of the Eskador, which is one of the wealthiest provinces in Caltharus. With House Accerons grip lost many new Houses are trying to take their place.

House Narcius

Province Mundus is ruled by house Narcius, House directly decending from the city state of Calth. Provinces Mundus, Barbarus, Prosperro and Harrus were part of Nukdaus, old empire whose vassal city state Calth was. When Calth had united the Calthian peninsula and started preparing for conquest of Nukdays, their old overlord was already weakened by the rise of their rival Staynes. With kingdom of Staynes keeping Nukdays busy, Nukdays wasn’ty ready for Calths attack on them. This resulted in long but victorious war by Calth. Not only was Nukday busy because of Staynes, it also had been in state of civil disorder for almost a decade and when Calth attacked it’s defences soon collapsed. Despite the initial collapse of Nykdays defences, they still managed to fight back but the war (876-891) still resulted in their defeat and surprisingly full annexation. House Narcius was one of the Great houses of city state Calth and was so appointed to rule and govern Provice Mundus, after the war. House Narcius was at the height of it’s power just before the great war, and managed to hold on it’s claims in the empire and even managed to expand it’s province in the years after the war. House Narcius is respected in all of Caltharus and is known for it’s steady, long and just rule.

House Luscus

House Luscus rules province Prosperro, that is the most important province considering trade with Staynes and Matriarchy of Ethalria. This has made House Luscus one of the most important houses in Caltharus. Just like House Narcius, also House Luscus was originally a great house in city state Calth. They also where appointed to rule a province in newly conquered Nukdaus. For several centuries Prosperro was just a province on the western fringe of Caltharus. Then after Magnus I was married to the queen of Staynes, it suddenly become the most important trade hubs in all of Caltharus. After conquest of Ecaltus and it’s rich mines, trade hub in Prosperro grew even larger and it became the most important trade hub in Caltharus.

House Custodian

House Custodian rules province Korrius(violet) but they weren’t the original rulers of the lush forest of Korrius. They seized the control of the province right after Lambertus III manged to re-establish the monarchy. When Lambertus III made the original ruler family of Korrius a warning example, there was lots of power play surrounding the appointment of a successor. Respected military house, house Custodian, rose from this power play victorious. Since the appointment of House Custodian, Korrius has become a highly militaristic province in which resides one of the biggest military academies of Caltharus. House Custodian originates from Lambertus IIIs guards who retired after decades of faithful service. As a sign of respect to the retiring leader was gifted a plot of land in korrius, a province so many of his brethren fell conquering.

House Hessius

House Hessius rules province Marenus . House Hessius rose quickly from nothingness to glory, when Magnus Is grandmothers sister, Gunilla II, was married to this relatively low family. Three generations later, during the reign of Julia I (who was daughter of Magnus Is brother) the monarchy was violently overthrown. This led to House Louzar dying out in Caltharus, but because of Gunilla IIs marriage, blood of Louzars now flowed within House Hessius. When Lambertus III returned to the country and took the crown of Caltharus, he married with the heir of house Hessius, because of the Louzar blood running in them. Ever since then house has been a major player in the inner politics of Caltharus. Even to this day they have ruled … without much competition. They have also made … the most important supplier of ships to the Caltharusian navy.

House Letholdus

House Letholdus rules province Jomsgord, that was originally part of kingdom of Nocturne. Nocturne consisted of Jomsgord, Vorgord, Holmgord and Helgord and it had fought against Caltharus in multiple occasions before it was finally conquered in “musket wars” (1732-1776). Before that in that province had started a reformation of the Church of Gaius(Gaius means Urth) which also happened to be the main religion in Caltharus. During this reformation the religion reformed into the Pantheon of the shattered god. Even though the reformation started in Nocturne, it wasn’t the largest religion in there, Amon Baal was.

Fallen houses

House Nacara

House Nacara was the original ruler family of Black mountains, but in 1408 a plot to get Eskrador under their rule failed and ultimately they were striped from their titles and provinces. Even so house Nacara didn’t surrender without a fight, but Black mountains were surrounded by now hostile provinces and their rulers. When the commander of their forces, Jorhan Ferrus, betrayed them it become clear that they couldn’t survive the following purge of rebels.

House Aquilus

House Aquilus was appointed to rule province Korrius just after it was annexed along with the rest of Nukdaus. House Aquilus ruled Korrius for centuries, even during the reign of the republic they managed to hold on to their power. Most other great houses were stripped from most of their power during this reign. House Aquilus survived the best because they were cooperating with the new government. When Lambertus III returned and re-established the monarchy, house Aquilus was the only great house to resist them and fight together with the republic. After the loss of the republic and re-establishment of the monarchy king Lambertus III made them an example of what would happen to those who rebel (and so managed to easily to re-establish the monarchy).