Matteo Jiss

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Matteo Jiss
File:Matteo Jiss.jpg
Name Matteo Markot Abrishelm Jiss
Residence 5 Penn Street, Jersia City
Citizenship Morstaybishlian 1971 - Present
Occupation Businessman, entrepreneur
Known for CEO of Embask
Owner of Jersia City F.C.
Net worth Increase ♅4 billion (March 2018)
Born 1 August 1969
Spouse(s) Elisabeth Benz
Children 2

Matteo Jiss (pronounced "G-iss") is a Morstaybishlian billionaire businessman and investor that lives in Jersia City. Matteo Jiss is best known for being the CEO of Embask, an oil and gas company.

Early life

Matteo was born in Fueda, a large town 24 miles west of Jersia City on the 1st of August 1969 to his mother Aprille Custa and father Robert Jiss. His father was the MP for Jersia City from 1975 to 1981 and was the Shadow Home Secretary from 1981 to 1983. Matteo attended Fueda Private School and then Jersia Engineering College where he left with three A levels in engineering, mathematics and physics. He attended Jersia University and got a Masters in Engineering and was later invited to the Royal Engineering Society where he has since been a member of. He joined Salifa in 1988 at the age of 19 as an engineer. He left Salifa in 1996 for Embask where he was immediately appointed assistant-chief engineer. He advanced through manufacturing positions for the next few years until he was named CEO in 2014. Matteo moved to Jersia City with his fiancé in 2000 where he had his first child Erik in 2001 and his second child Veronica in 2003. Matteo bought Jersia City Football Club in 2018 from previous owner Garand Puet for ♅65 million. In the same season Jersia City was promoted to the Staynish Premier League.