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The major professional sports leagues in Volkia are the highest professional sports competitions of team sports in Volkia. The three leagues traditionally included in the definition include the Volkian Hockey League (VHL), the Volkian Premier League (VPL), and Volkian Professional Baseball. (VPB). Other prominent leagues include the Volkian Basketball Championship (VBC) and the Volkian Rugby Association (VRA). The VHL, VPL, and VPB are commonly known as the "Major Three."

Attendance at games at the Major Three, as well as the country's other prominent leagues, regularly averages at least 16,000 fans per game as of 2020. Because of the size of the football and baseball stadiums, the VPL and VPB consistently have the highest average attendance of the five leagues. The VHL is a close third, but regularly sells out its arenas more often than the other leagues.

The Major Three leagues currently have 22-26 teams each, most of which are concentrated in the most populous metropolitan areas of Volkia. The VHL is the only league that features foreign teams; four of its teams are based in cities in South Hills. Unlike the promotion and relegation systems used in much of the rest of the world, Volkian sports leagues maintain the same teams season-to-season. League expansion typically occurs by adding newly formed teams, the last of which occurred in the VPL with the addition of Bakhta FC in 2019. Teams do not leave the league unless they are disbanded or merged with another team (both of which are rare), though teams may be relocated to another city.

"Major league" generally refers to professional team sports. The country also features individual professional sports competitions, such as the Volkian Stock Car Racing Association (VSCRA), that are very popular and serve as those sports most prominent competitions with media coverage, competition, and fan following comparable to the professional team sports.

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